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Stora Varvsgatan 6A

211 19 MALMÖ


Norra Stationsgatan 93




040-601 13 30​


We do this by:

  • Take responsibility for solving all practical challenges for our consultants- t.ex. Housing, employment contracts, information etc.

  • Have access to large databases of healthcare professionals who are interested in working in different locations in the Nordic region for shorter and longer periods in different specialist areas.

  • Educate staff to quickly embark on new organizations, documentation and quality systems

  • Work with employers and employees to ensure that hired consultants will focus on patient work

  • Take responsibility to ensure that certifications are up to date and accurate


We provide healthcare services to public and private customers throughout the Nordic region.
We deliver our services to county councils, municipalities and private healthcare providers.

Working for Agito

By working for Agito, you can get help finding the mission that you dreamed of regardless of your specialty. Thanks to our position as an important healthcare partner for hospitals and healthcare centers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, we can quickly find the assignment that suits you.


We have close and trustworthy cooperation with our clients and can therefore tailor-made a mission that fits your needs and needs. It is easy and safe to seek a mission through us at Agito. Just report your interest, wait for our phone call and pack your bags. You can surely leave the rest to us.

We are happy to share the knowledge we have about social insurance, tax legislation, labor law, pensions and more in the Nordic countries. If you wish, we will be happy to assist you with the application for social insurance (A1, earlier E101), tax card and authorization information.


Our goal is to always do our utmost to make you feel comfortable and feel safe throughout the process.

About us

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Support activities

Agito supports several organizations that work for a better world.